On the way to Fall

Seasons change. Leaves turn rustic and golden. The roads are carpeted with fruits that crack under the feet. From a bare state to increasing layers, the skin pimples as the cold send shivers to the core. In the meantime, the heat melts, the sun beats on. The days crawl on, but we will get there….


When my selfie with Jesús Rafael Soto’s iconic Penetrable at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art did not work, I found that my dramatic shots were those of visitors who revelled amongst the strings, silhouetted against the late afternoon light, unaware that a detached traveler was preserving their magic moment. 

As Above

A lone chair sits on one of the lower peaks in Stough Canyon, at the end of a very unlikely trail just off the saddle.  Words etched on the wooden boards: “In Loving Memory of Michael O’Brien”. On those days I hiked these trails, I always paid this chair a visit because it reminded me that…