There was a time when I had a word define my year. It was inspired by Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, and although it somehow sounds lame now (as there are times you can’t admit you were desperate for that game), I truly liked her “word”: attraversiamo. Attraversiamo. The word seems full of possibilities. Movement.

Last year, that kind of year you will always want to reflect and forget as too much possibilities happened, a new word caught my attention: musubi. I saw the anime film Your Name (Kimi no Na wa), and although the context the word as it was used was very EatPrayLove-ish, I think this word captures making sense of things by means of creative power. It means a knot. A knot holds together, but a knot is also meant to be unravelled, undone. A knot has a lot of possibilities — and destruction — by creation.

Look. See the branches of that tree. See where it holds together, where it begins, where it diverges and reaches out. See, there.


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