This is Tomorrow

Today, a child in the slums of Manila is starving. A troop of students is traveling to their school, miles away, across rivers and mountains, trudging through mud, stomachs almost empty. Today, on the other side of the world, children are dying because of war, because of famine, because politics are keeping aid away that further diminishes their lifeline.

Today, politicians are debating who has the dirtier dirt, diplomats are posing blame on each other, and the police march on battling a culture of impunity that can somehow swallow them whole and spit them out tainted. It’s supposed to be institutionalized, you see. On a sadder note, people of today bare fangs on whose lives matter more, whose lives can be walled away, whose lives should be culled, not knowing the value of what they are fighting against until they find themselves in the very shoes of those whose blood are unjustifiably spilled. Everybody is being human after all, as they say.

Tomorrow, people will continue to die, as they do right this very minute. But if today continues, there is no point in tomorrow, if the todays continue to defeat us, if we keep accepting this so-called present, if we keep getting scammed by the promise of change by those — you, me, those in power, those who “finger” — who couldn’t do anything about yesterday.


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